Welcome to AMT

Advanced Mulching Technologies, Inc. (AMT) is a professional contractor specializing in air-blown material handling. By connecting hoses to our blower trucks we can quickly convey high volumes of materials right to where they are needed, with no site impacts and minimal access restrictions. AMT provides the highest quality products at the most reliable level of service in the green industry. We are dedicated to professional development and education on the installation/maintenance of all products and services we provide.

AMT is committed to products that produce a positive influence on our environment. We are continuously discovering new service applications and superior materials to provide ecological benefits beyond the end product. We compost locally-sourced organic materials to reduce the burden on local landfills. Our biodegradable and/or compost-based materials are used to produce Best Management Practices (BMPs) for erosion prevention, sediment control, stormwater compliance and environmental restoration. For these applications our bio-based materials are unique in that they support the natural processes of physical, chemical, and biological filtration to improve soil and water quality. In addition to our compost BMPs, other biodegradable products we offer include Nature’s Blanket®, Terracade® and BogSod®. To see some of our products in action visit EcoGro.net (under the "Products" menu).